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This program focuses on the advanced characteristics of the legal language in accordance with the international standards, with special concentration on legal terminologies and sentence structure. The Program further targets learner’s autonomy, learning and communicative strategies. It also focuses on the required teaching methodologies needed for the legal English trainers. Add on the Dale Carnegie training “High Impact Presentations for Legal Professionals”

This program certifies the learners to become an English legal trainer in accordance with the TOLES organization Advanced standards and Atlanta English Institute.

 Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • Proficient knowledge and understanding of the use of English in legal contexts, particularly in international legal usage.
  • Proficient knowledge and the ability to review, understand, and critically analyses legal texts in English.
  • Proficient the knowledge and ability to independently author texts in English in legal contexts.
  • Proficient the ability to express themselves orally and effectively communicate in English in legal contexts, including adapting the use of English to the specific situation
  • Proficient knowledge and knowhow of the required and essential teaching methodologies for the legal English instructors.

Intended Learners

Fresh Graduates (Law, Alson, Literature)


English Trainers

 Entry Level

English (B1- IELTS 5.5) – Free placement Test


Total Hours: 280 (6 hours/session)
Duration: 6 months


R.I.S.C.: Villa 78, road 282 from El-Laselky Street, Maadi, Cairo.


Certified Legal English Trainers


  • RISC Legal Academy
  • TOLES UK – Foundation and Higher
  • Ministry Of Defense Language Institute
  • HRD Egypt/Global
  • Dale Carnegie

 Point of Contact:

Program Coordinator Yasmin Kadry: 01022999782

Program Coordinator Amr Hareedy: 01022999784

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