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It takes years to gain the practical experience needed for accessing and mastering legal practices needed by the legal society. This course was art crafted to give you the competencies and skills needed by the legal society in 30 hours, 3 hours a week.

Our trainers are professionals from the legal society with minimum of 10 years of experience in managerial positions from multinational companies.

During this course, you will be equipped with all of the needed competencies to excel the work of an in-house lawyer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Application of major Egyptian laws from practical perspective
  • Legal writing formats warning, memos and Court process.
  • Legal direction to present your claims and to defend counter claims

Intended Learners

  • Law school graduates
  • Practicing Lawyers
  • Legal Advisors
  • Legal Consultants

 Entry Level

English (B1- IELTS 5.5) – Free placement Test


Total Hours: 30 Hours
Duration: 10 weeks (3 hours/ session)


R.I.S.C.: Villa 78, road 282 from El-Laselki Street, Maadi, Cairo.

 Content and Structure

Session 1: Introduction:

  • What is LPC?
  • Importance of legal process for in house, law firm and practitioner lawyers
  • The way you will present your claims
  • The way you will defend your case

Session 2: Application of Legal Practice in Egyptian laws as follows: Civil and Commercial Procedural Law

Session 3: Practicing Proof law

Session 4: Practicing Civil law

Session 5: Practicing Criminal Law

Session 6: Practicing Commercial Law

Session 7: Practicing Administrative law

Session 8: Practicing Labor law

Session 9: Practicing Family law

Session 10: Legal writing formats and samples (warning – memo of pleading – memo of defense – memo of appeal – and memo of cessation and expedite request). Court process for filing the lawsuit and necessary follow up civil and execution process.


RISC Legal Academy

Point of Contact:

Program Coordinator Yasmin Kadry: 01022999782

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