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Professional Legal Passport (PLP)

PLP is an art crafted program provided by national and international prestigious institutions. The program aims to empower candidates in the legal profession to access opportunities and build the foundation for successes in the national and international legal market.More


Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES)

This program consists of a structured course of legal English training materials supported by three levels of professional exams. The exam levels are progressive steps towards reaching the standard of legal English required by employers such as international commercial law firms….More


Legal Practice (LPC)

It takes years to gain the practical experience needed for accessing and mastering legal practices needed by the legal society. This course was art crafted to give you the competencies and skills needed by the legal society in 30 hours, 3 hours a week. Our trainers are professionals from the legal society with a minimum of 10 years of experience in managerial positions from multinational companies…More

Contracts management

Contracts Managment

This Course will provide the learners with the required knowledge and skills to draft, review and negotiate various kinds of national and international contracts.This course is of interest to students and graduates wishing to engage with commercial and civil; national and commercial contracts….More



This program focuses on the practical side of Arbitration; how the procedures start and the ongoing procedures till the issuance of the final award and its enforcement.Through this program, you will be familiar with the full process of Arbitration from preparatory phase until the enforcement of the award…More

legal translation

Legal Translation

This training program focuses on the main characteristics of the legal language and the mechanisms applied to write an appropriate legal sentence.  Students will be provided with fundamental legal terms and vocabulary. The course emphasizes on the fundamentals of…More

Art of legal writing

Art of Legal Writing

The Art of legal writing course is crafted and designed to meet the basic standards required in any International law firm/Legal department.The course entitles you to be able to draft contracts according to the international standards, legal research and Legal opinion…..More


International Legal English (ILE)

ILE program is well – established program that focuses on the basic legal English skills for law students who aspire a level of legal English that would effectively enable them to enroll in any legal English exams. Additionally, it enhances the general English language skills necessary to interact in various legal contexts…More

Certified Legal English Trainer (CLET)

This program focuses on the advanced characteristics of the legal language in Accordance with the international standards, with special concentration on legal Terminologies and sentence structure. The Program further targets learner’s autonomy Learning and communicative strategies…More

Why RISC Legal Academy?

R.I.S.C Legal Academy is a leading training organization located in Cairo, Egypt. With its wide network of domestic, regional and international consultants and partner organizations; RISC provides customized and tailor made training solutions for the legal field in Egypt and the Middle East.

All programs are designed with the vision of deepening and widening technical knowledge, sharpening business skills, developing personal competences & energizing human values to meet the legal market ethical, practical, and professional requirements.

Grow Your Legal Skills

When you getting started to study Professional RISC Legal Academy courses, You have a great opportunity to grow and develop your legal skills through courses outlines which provides you legal practice deep details and applying how to use it. 

Learn from Legal Experts 

We at RISC Legal Academy following standard factors for legal training method which involves choosing the process to our instructors until making the outcomes of the courses to fit the legal environment and student’s goals.

Build Your Authority

Our Courses gave you a chance to embrace your legal career path and increase your credibility within international law firms, Just book now your course and we will connect you as soon to inform you how the course  comes to make a great result to your legal career pathway. 

Our Instructors

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