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Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES)

TOLES Advanced was initially created at the request of a major commercial law firm in London who required a method of testing the English of international interns and new associates in its international offices.

Course Card:

Course Card:

  • Duration-72hrs/12 sessions
  • Certification :
  • -RISC Legal Academy
  • Entry criteria:English (B1-IELTS 4.5), or to pass our free Placement Test after registration. Initial free placement tests may start during normal hours from registration till one full week before start of any course.
  • TOLES Exams Dates:  January- March- June- August – November (*Exam days are on annual basis)
  • Instructors: All of our programs are led by highly specialized and experienced trainers, each of whom is leader in his/her own field.

Based on TOLES International Ranking List 2017 

RISC Legal Academy One of the top 5 busiest and most successful training centers around the world TOLES providers.

Course Overview

TOLES means ‘Test of Legal English Skills’. TOLES Advanced was initially created at the request of a major commercial law firm in London who required a method of testing the English of international interns and new associates in its international offices. The TOLES program consists of a structured course of legal English training materials supported by three levels of professional exams. The exam levels are progressive steps towards reaching the standard of legal English required by employers such as international commercial law firms, in-house legal teams in private companies and top-class translators.


Providing candidates (legal professionals and others) with practical legal English language skills training that enables them to understand, express, and develop legal reports, documents, and agreements in a more professional way.

Course Structure

Level 1 Foundation:

  • Suitable for beginner Level.
  • Focus on basic grammar and vocabulary.
  • Encourages commercial awareness.

Level 2 Higher:

  • Suitable for intermediate level.
  • Focus on intermediate grammar and vocabulary,
  • A realistic introduction to work.

Level 3 Advanced

  • Suitable for advanced level.
  • Focus on near-native level grammar and vocabulary.
  • The gold standard exam for commercial lawyers.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn to:

-Practice practical reading, writing and drafting skills in authentic legal  situations.

-Test themselves at the most challenging level possible and to provide    employers with a certificate they can trust.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Law School Students.
  •  Lawyers in Law Firms
  •  Lawyers in the Government Sector
  •  Junior Lawyers
  • Legal Translators
  • Lawyers within the legal departments at banks and corporations

Course Outlines

  • The legal profession Unit – 1A/Foundation
  • The language of banking – Unit 2A/Foundation
  • The language of contract law-  Unit 3A/Foundation
  • The language of employment law – Unit 4A/Foundation
  • The language of the law of tort – Unit 5A/Foundation
  • Understanding contracts – Unit 6A/Foundation
  • The language of business law – Unit 7A/Foundation
  • Modern letter writing – Unit 8A/Foundation
  • The language of company law – Unit 9A/Foundation
  • Understanding contracts 2 – Unit 10A/Foundation
  • The legal profession Unit – 1B/Foundation
  • The language of banking – Unit 2B/Foundation
  • The language of contract law-  Unit 3B/Foundation
  • The language of employment law – Unit 4B/Foundation
  • The language of the law of tort – Unit 5B/Foundation
  • Understanding contracts – Unit 6B/Foundation
  • The language of business law – Unit 7B/Foundation
  • Modern letter writing – Unit 8B/Foundation
  • The language of company law – Unit 9B/Foundation
  • Understanding contracts 2 – Unit 10B/Foundation
  • Basic legal negotiation
  • Pre-contractual documents
  • Commercial contracts
  • Banking
  • Companies
  • Other forms of business
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Employment law and contracts
  • The litigation process
  • Essential contract law
  • The law of tort
  • Intellectual property
  • Real estate
  • Oral contracts
  • An introduction to common law
  • Letter writing skills

Q: What is TOLES?

A: TOLES is a series of specialist English language examinations for lawyers and other legal professionals.

Q: What does TOLES mean?

A: TOLES means Test of Legal English Skills.

Q: How many TOLES exams are there?

A: There are 3 TOLES exams. The exams are called Foundation, Higher and Advanced.

Q: Why do you offer 3 levels?

A:  We offer 3 levels so that every learner can make a start in legal English. Students of English who are at elementary level can start with TOLES Foundation.

Q: Is it necessary to take all 3 exams?

A:  No. Students can start at any level. Some students take all 3 exams, others take only one. Often a language school or university will choose the level for a class.

Q: Which organisation offers the TOLES exams?

A:  TOLES is offered by a private UK organization called Global Legal English. It was established in 1999 and is a member of the International Division of the Law Society of England &Wales. It works  independently of any UK university.

Q: Do I need a legal background to work with TOLES materials and exams?

A: No. The material was carefully developed to give total support to candidates with no legal background.

Q: What level of general English would a candidate need to take the TOLES exams?

A: The exam series is designed to allow every student of legal English to make a start by gaining a certificate.The Foundation exam is a huge support towards learning legal vocabulary and students can do well in the exam even if they are just at the stage of learning basic grammar structures.

Haidy Mohamed

Third-year faculty of law French section Cairo University.

” I attended the TOLES UK Foundation level class this summer. I highly recommend RISC Legal Academy. Their professionalism is beyond expectations, RISC Team and staff is also friendly. I would like to enroll in the PLP program next summer as it focuses on the practical side of the Law. “

Improve Legal Career

Grow Your Legal Skills

When you getting started to study TOLES, You have a great opportunity to grow and develop your legal skills through course outlines which provides you legal english practice deep details and applying how to use it.

Learn from Legal Experts 

We at RISC Legal Academy following standard factors for legal training method which involves choosing process to our instructors until making the outcomes of the courses to fit  legal environment  and student’s goals .

Build Your Authority

TOLES Course given you a chance to embrace your legal career path and increase your credibility within international law firms, Just book now your course and we will connect you as soon to inform you how TOLES  comes to make a great result to your legal career pathway

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